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In the western part of Moscow there is a small clinic that, almost every month, switches to strict secrecy mode: a day off is suddenly cancelled, surgeons arrive, an operating room is prepared, and nurses are bustling about. Then comes a car with tinted windows; the bodyguard opens the door for a slim girl in big sunglasses. Empty corridors, echoing footsteps and, finally, a bright flash of lights over the operating table.

It is not a movie scene, although the heroine is a famous actress. The staff of the clinic run by Tigran A. Aleksanyan, a renowned plastic surgeon, has been long accustomed to such stories. The clinic even has a secret database of celebrity plastic surgery results containing more than sixty noses, faces and busts made by Dr. Aleksanyan. What makes him the celebrities’ preferred choice? He is the best, and he knows how to keep secrets. It's just that simple.

The cost of surgery*

280 000 rubles. ( ≈ 3100 $)

* The cost of surgery is to be adjusted depending on its complexity

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What is important for showbiz stars? For them, it's all about being beautiful, elegant and natural. Everyone around must be sure that "it has always been like that". In just two weeks after the surgery, there will be a new shoot and all the people will say: "Oh, what a beauty! Just a miracle of nature! Something changed in her, don't you think? Surgery? You're kidding! She's been in sight all the time: shootings, parties, interviews... It is just a good make up; she must have got a new stylist." Only the most inquisitive fans will compare the star's photos from different years to prove that her nose has recently changed its shape to become noticeably sleeker.

However, it is impossible to avoid rumors. The impeccable reputation and excellent work of the surgeon, Dr. Aleksanyan, are an open secret, although talking about it in public is against the etiquette of the high society.

Needless to say that nose is the most noticeable facial feature the defects of which you cannot hide. Rhinoplasty is the most difficult and responsible of all types of plastic surgery, because not only soft tissues but also bone and cartilage structures are manipulated during the operation.

It was always held that the heavier the surgery, the more visible the result would be. Tigran Aleksanyan, PhD in Medicine, the best Russian specialist in rhinoplasty, has overturned the idea of rhinoplasty as a major operation that requires long-term rehabilitation. Dr. Aleksanyan developed a unique, almost bloodless method of nose shape correction, which not only provides a more natural and elegant result, but also reduces the postoperative period by third or even by half. Celebrity patients of this famous doctor give concerts and go to the set as few as seven days after the surgery.


Dr. Aleksanyan has completely abandoned the traumatic open rhinoplasty. The basis of his method is his own advanced technology of closed rhinoplasty. Technically, it is much more complex than the open surgery that has been practiced for many years. So, what allows to make the nose job bloodless and save the patient from swelling and bruising after surgery?

  • Firstly, it is the complete absence of visible incisions (all incisions located only on the inner nasal mucosa);
  • Secondly, it is a special "vessel-saving" method of tissue separation;
  • Thirdly, the precision techniques of resection of cartilage and bone tissue.

Dr. Aleksanyan's bloodless rhinoplasty guarantees not only aesthetic perfection of the nose, but also its ideal function, which is important for every patient, and even more so for a singer, actor or TV presenter. 

The method completely eliminates the risk of any severe complications like deformations, calluses or scars. It is a 100% guarantee that you don't end up in an anti-rating of celebrity plastic surgery fails. Tigran's hallmark is a beautiful, "naturally" elegant nose without the slightest trace of surgical manipulation. At the same time, the star doctor's prices are far from sky-high (depending on complexity).

No wonder that Dr. Aleksanyan's work schedule was full until September already in May! But believe me: it's worth waiting! Every one of us deserves the best. So if you have decided to improve your appearance, it is better to do it with an absolute guarantee by choosing the best reputed plastic surgeon.

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