SMAS lifting

SMAS lifting is the most reliable method of surgical correction of the face. Due to the deep lifting of all tissues, the patient can at one time reduce his or her perceived age by 10-15 years, with the effect of the surgery remaining for decades.

What is SMAS lifting?

SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) is a mobile structure to which the skin of the face is attached. In the process of aging, the muscles and the connective tissue lose elasticity, begin to sag or form deep folds, which cannot be managed without surgery. The SMAS layer lifting allows to eliminate the internal signs of aging. The facial structure returns to its place, clear contours are restored, deep folds and sagging are eliminated. There are no definite age limits for the procedure. Generally, it is performed at the age of 40 to 50, but for individual indications, the surgery can be recommended both at an earlier and a later age.

SMAS lifting:photo before and after

smas lifting

The cost of surgery*

350 000 rubles. ( ≈ 5100 $)

* The cost of surgery is to be adjusted depending on its complexity

Classic SMAS lifting procedure

  • The surgery is performed under combined or general anesthesia
  • The SMAS layer is accessed through a long S-shaped incision that starts in the temporal region, then descends along the hair growth line to the earlobe and goes around the auricle.
  • The SMAS and skin tissues are separated from the fascia and stretched toward the cuts.
  • In cases of excess subcutaneous fat tissue, the dermis is separated from the aponeurosis, and classical liposuction is performed.
  • The muscles and aponeurosis are stretched and attached to the static temporal fasciae; excess tissues are excised.
  • The skin (without undue tension) is attached to the muscular aponeurotic structure; excess tissue is removed as well.
  • Suturing, installation of drainage pipes

smas lifting

Advanced lifting includes a deeper correction of the middle zone of the face. In particular, this technique allows to remove pronounced nasolabial folds.

Each patient’s problem areas are of individual nature and depend on the type of aging. SMAS lifting allows to locally manage the areas of eyes, cheekbones, and cheeks. Quite often, it is combined with a lifting of sagging muscles of neck and chin. Such complex surgery requires a long recovery, but its aesthetic effect surpasses all expectations.

The main risk of SMAS lifting is the probability to affect the nerve fibers and disrupt the innervation of individual zones. No surgery goes without bruises and swelling, but they disappear in the process of healing. Numbness, by contrast, can remain forever.

Despite the high risk and rather complicated recovery, lifting is one of the most demanded plastic surgeries in Moscow. It gives the best possible long-term effect and can be perfectly combined with other rejuvenating procedures.

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