Small breasts

For many women, a noticeable difference in size between the breasts or their small size is the reason to be shy about their body and to restrict the choice of clothes and swimsuits. Such aesthetic problems come from different reasons, but in most cases, they become a source of stress and desire to correct, eliminate or hide the asymmetry or lack of volume.

How many women suffer from breast asymmetry?

In fact, this is a very interesting and difficult question, because almost every woman has incomplete breast symmetry. The question is, when is this a problem, and when should something be done about it?

It is important to know that irregularity of mammary glands is normal to a certain extent and occurs much more often than people think. 10 - 15% of patients examined by gynecologists and mammologists have a significant breast asymmetry.


The cost of surgery*

300 000 rubles. ( ≈ 4300 $)

* The cost of surgery is to be adjusted depending on its complexity

What are the symptoms of breast asymmetry?

The difference in breast size becomes noticeable while coming of age. There are many other factors contributing to this. The concept of "asymmetric mammary glands" may include one or more of the following symptoms: unequal size of the left and the right breast, unequal size of the nipples or different shapes thereof, asymmetrical location of areolas, different contours and shapes of the left and the right breast.

Thus, the minimum asymmetry (when both breasts are about the same size as the bra cups) is normal. However, if a woman has to pad one of the bra cups, or change her dress style to generally avoid emphasis on breast, then we can say that really there is a problem.

How can breast asymmetry be corrected?

If the difference in the size of the breasts is significant, there are several surgical options to eliminate this problem - from lifting and breast reduction to breast augmentation with the help of implants.

It is important to remember that the type of surgical correction of asymmetric mammary glands depends on the patient’s individual characteristics, so one patient may need implants while another a breast reduction.

Correction surgeries include one or a combination of the following options:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast lifting surgery
  • Repositioning of the nipple
  • Breast augmentation by relocation of fat

The most important principle of surgical correction of the mammary glands is to make them as similar as possible by changing their volume, the position of the nipple, its size, etc.

More or less?

There is almost always a tendency to make the small breast larger, but often better symmetry is achieved by reducing the larger breast. In case of a pronounced asymmetry, there is no point in chasing after large size. Better symmetry should be preferred over larger volume.

Small breasts – problem or narrow mindedness?

The more harmonious a woman's body, the more attractive it is for men. If the breast size is too small, it can lead to disproportionality of the whole figure, as well as to serious problems in choosing lingerie and clothing. Many women hope that the appearance of the small breasts will improve after childbirth but remain unhappy with the result, as it is not the size and fullness that increases but the breast sagging.

What to do if small breast is a problem?

In these cases, mammoplasty with implants is the only effective solution that will save you from the regular picky selection of special lingerie and clothing.

The goals of breast augmentation surgery are: to create normal mammary gland proportions in case of underdevelopment; to restore the breast shape after pregnancy, weight loss, etc.

Implants can be placed in the breast in various positions: under the mammary gland tissue, anterior or posterior to the pectoral muscle. If the implants are placed over the pectoral muscle, it may be difficult to perform mammography in the future. If the implant is behind the pectoral muscle, the scar tissue is less noticeable, and the breast glands usually remain softer to the touch. In addition, it is easier to perform mammograms mammography.

The method of the surgery to eliminate such problems as small or asymmetric breasts is chosen by the surgeon considering the individual characteristics and wishes of the patient. Anyway, one of the main tasks of the planned surgery is to achieve the most natural aesthetic effect.

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