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Among the most common causes which cause patients to seek medical assistance are the problems with nasal breathing and other functional nasal problems that most often require immediate surgical intervention. Being ORT specialist I have a deep knowledge of "inner" nasal anatomy, and thus I have no difficulties solving any functional nasal problem. In the countries of the western world and in the US plastic surgeon is not allowed to practice surgery of the nose unless he is an ORT specialist, because otherwise he puts in danger patient's health and the results of the surgery. In my practice, solving functional problems is successfully combined with the work on the esthetics of the nose.

Surgery procedure

For septoplasty both general and local anesthesia are used. In the course of surgery, nasal septum is straitened and relocated to central position. Before, there used to be a practice of removing the deformed septum, which was causing many complications (sinking of the nose back, etc.). Some doctors now still use this technique. However, in our clinic we prefer to use more modern techniques, which allow maximal preservation of septum elements, which serve as support for the outer nose. Quite often septoplasty is done is combination with rhinoplasty.

Types of septoplasty

Deformation of the nasal septum may only involve the cartilage or only involve the bone, or both of them. Depending on the nature of deformation the surgeon will choose the most effective method of surgery.

Classic surgical septoplasty done by professional surgeon leads to shaping the septum correctly and bringing it to central position, with maximal preservation of its tissues. The access is via the cuts on the inner nasal surface.

Endoscopic laser septoplasty is the newest method, mastered by the surgeons of our clinic. It allows to achieve the highest precision and minimal bloodshed during the correction of the septum. Endoscopic septoplasty ensures minimal size of cuts and fast healing of nasal mucus tissues, as well as prophylactics of infection.

Septoplasty: photos before and after

The cost of surgery*

100 000 rubles. ( ≈ 1100 $)

* The cost of surgery is to be adjusted depending on its complexity

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Indications for septoplasty

Patients wish to get rid of cosmetic defect is already an possible indication for surgery. Also, septoplasty is suggested if nasal septum deformation is positively the cause of the following problems:

• Regularly stuffed nose, problems with free nasal breathing;

• Chronic rhinitis and sinusitis. If nasal cavity inflammations are frequent and also have a vasomotor cause (vasomotor rhinitis), then together with septoplasty vessel section is being performed on small vessels of the bottom nasal concha in order to decrease the blood flow and swelling of the mucous tissues;

• Frequent nasal bleedings.

In our clinic prices for septoplasty are the most liberal in Moscow, and we are very attentive to patients and professional in performing endoscopic and laser surgeries on correction of the nasal septum.


• Decreased blood coagulation ability;

• Diabetes mellitus and other endocrine illnesses in decomposition;

• Chronic cardiovascular illnesses, illnesses of the breath organs in severe stage.

Post-surgery period

For the first day voluminous tampons are kept in the nasal cavity in order to prevent the bleeding. Mucous tissue swelling is observed for the first 10 lays, and it gradually decreases. Nasal breathing is completely restored after 2-2.5 weeks. On the first of second day a slight temperature rise may occur. Early after the surgery hard physical labor or intensive fitness should be excluded.

Complications after quality septoplasty without accompanying illness are uncommon. Sometimes nasal bleedings are observed, hematomas in the area of surgery, and very rarely - adjoining infection with abscess of the septum forming or with purulent sinusitis.

Two main goals to be achieved by the surgeon are cosmetic result and physiological result, which means completely restored and benefited nasal breathing, and making the appearance of the nasal septum more esthetic.

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