Tigran Albertovich Aleksanyan

Is plastic surgeon, candidate of medical sciences. Full member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Hannover, Germany), Full member of Wester-European Academy of Science and Culture (Herzogenrath, Germany), Doctor h.c. of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Honorary member of the French International Academy of Science and Culture (Paris, France). He is the author of a number of scientific articles, devoted to the contemporary issues of the plastic surgery. He has perfect skills in all methods of mammary gland correction (breast enhancement via submammary, areolar and axillary access, mastopexy, reduction mammoplasty, minimally invasive methods of breast enhancement). In July of 2011 Tigran Albertovich Aleksanyan got the title "Best surgeon in mammary plastic" according the "Beauty and Health" magazine.

He constantly takes part in the international conferences, seminars and master-classes, including those on mammoplasty. Plastic surgeon Tigran Aleksanyan in his work sticks to the principles of minimizing the traumatic component of the surgery, getting the best of results, making the scar more esthetic - same principles, as declared by the leading surgeons in the world, in particular, the specialists in Swedish Akademkliniken — Per Heden, Jan Jernbeck, Ulf Samuelson.

Internship with Per Heden at the Akademkliniken

In October of 2011 doctor Tigran Aleksanyan became one of the few domestic specialists, who got the opportunity to have an internship in the leading clinic of the Western Europe, the leader in the number of conducted plastic surgeries — Akademkliniken. The study program was packed with many hours of lectures and the surgeries, which the doctor performed together with Per Heden.

Plastic surgeons Per Heden and Tigran Aleksanyan. Sweden. Akademkliniken.

Mammoplasty (breast enhancement). Surgery together with Per Heden. Sweden. Akademkliniken.

Mammoplasty: photos before and after surgery

The cost of surgery*

300 000 rubles. ( ≈ 3900 $)

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Mammoplasty (breast surgery)

Mammoplasty is a common name for a number of plastic surgeries for correction of breast form and volume. Mammoplasty includes the following plastic surgery operations: breast enhancement (enhancement mammoplasty), breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) and breast lifting.

Correction of breast after childbirth

Nipple plastic and restoring the breast density

Breast enhancement

Breast enhancement is an esthetic plastic surgery, aimed at the correction of form and increasing of volume of the mammary gland with the help of implant. Breast surgery has long become one of the most popular plastic surgeries. Breast enhancement is a dream of every third woman, and one out of six women goes for that plastic surgery. The key to successful mammoplasty is the experience and skill of the plastic surgeon, his esthetic vision. Plastic surgery is an art, so you should chose plastic surgeon with great precaution.

History of breast enhancement

The first plastic surgery on breast enhancement was conducted back in the XIX century. At first breast enhancement was done with the use of woman's own fat, transferred from the donor tissues to the mammary gland area. Vincenzo Czerny was the first to begin this type of intervention in 1885 he cut excess skin from the patient and filled the volume with fat tissues, taken from her thigh. Such surgeries were experimental and usually were not successful. In the best case, that fat would completely dissolve, and in the worst, it would be replaced by the connective tissue. The surgeons started searching for the alternative method of breast enhancement. They used for enhancement purposes the balls made of glass, metal and ivory, which caused severe post-surgery complications. This made the surgeons stop using these risky method. However, they have found another way of injection, where liquid paraffin, wax, vegetable oil were injected into the mammary glands. Hundreds of women became victims of surgeons experiments.

With the invention of liquid silicon, they all were relieved. It seemed that the age of safe breast enhancement has come. The first surgeries with liquid silicone were performed for Japanese escort girls and cabaret dancers. Soon this method was prohibited. In the mid of 1950s the specialists have started developing implants, which have evolved over the years. Today the companies producing breast implants give life guarantee for their products.

Indications for breast enhancement

Usually women chose to go for breast enhancement surgery for esthetic reasons. Most common of those are:

• asymmetric mammary glands

• naturally under developed mammary glands

• naturally small breast size

• ptosis (falling) of mammary glands after pregnancy and breast feeding

• unfavorable changes in volume and form of the breast after fast weight drop


Contraindications to breast enhancement surgery include autoimmune illnesses, infectious processes, diabetes mellitus, illnesses connected with organs, such as lungs, heart and stomach. Besides, blood coagulation problems, oncology and changes of hormones. Patient may also be rejected from the surgery is she has a fibrous cyst in mammary gland.

Types of access

During the breast enhancement surgery, the implants may be placed using different types of access. Type of access is defined by the surgeon during the consultancy, based on patients preferences and indications. Today most commonly the implants are placed via:

• Submammary access (cut under the breast).

• Areolar access (cut along the border of areola, top or bottom).

• Axillary (cut in the armpit).

Breast lifting (mastopexy)

Mastopexy is a plastic surgery of breast correction by the method of lifting.

History of mastopexy

The development of the methods of mastopexy came along with the development of the methods of breast reduction. First experiments of surgeries using the method of "vascular pedicle" were first described and then implemented into practice by doctor Morestin. In 1921 a surgery on free transplantation of the nipple was performed, and in 1924 side resection of the tissues was done for the first time. Thus by 1930s most of techniques used for breast lifting were developed and brought to practice.

Indications for breast lifting

In what cases do plastic surgeons perform breast lifting? In such cases, when the patient has:

• moderate sinking of the mammary glands

• severe sinking of the mammary glands

• pseudo-sinking of glands


Mastopexy should not be performed in the case if future pregnancy is planned, because pregnancy and breastfeeding may cause changes in the form and volume of the mammary glands. Among relative contraindications to mastopexy there is a formation of encapsulated contracture after the first breast enhancement surgery. There are also certain anatomic and bone structure peculiarities of the patient's organism. General contraindications for the surgery are illnesses of the inner organs, cardiovascular diseases, oncology, psychic disturbances etc.

Reduction mammoplasty

Reduction mammoplasty is a special technique of plastic surgery, aimed at reduction (decrease of size) of mammary glands by cutting away excess gland tissues and skin.

Indications for reduction mammoplasty

• hypertrophy of mammary glands

• macromastia

• Poland's syndrome - when mammary grand on one side is underdeveloped and on the other side is hypertrophied

Contraindications for reduction mammoplasty

• mastopathy (nodal or diffused)

• oncology illness

• infectious illness

• problems with blood coagulation

• severe illnesses of the inner organs

• diabetes mellitus

• STDs

• Age under 18

List of examinations

• General blood analysis

• Biochemical blood analysis (total protein, urea, creatinin, total bilirubin, ALT, AST, glucose, potassium, sodium)

• Thrombinogen blood test

• RW, HIV blood test

• Hbc - antigen and anti HCV

• Group of blood, rhesus factor

• General urine analysis

• ECG (with description)

• Mammology specialist consultancy and conclusion that there are no contraindications for mammoplasty

Samples are collected on an empty stomach and are valid for 10 days.

Other operations

Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, Simultaneous plastic surgery


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