Breast sagging

Tight full breast looks attractive and allows a woman to feel more confident in form-fitting clothes, swimsuits, etc. Breast sagging can begin for various reasons and at different ages, but in any case, it causes frustration, so far as the woman feels less confident about the attractiveness of her body.

Breast sagging

The cost of surgery*

280 000 rubles. ( ≈ 4100 $)

* The cost of surgery is to be adjusted depending on its complexity

What causes a breast sagging?

Gradual breast sagging is a natural and unavoidable process every woman will face at a certain point in her life, except for women with small breast. The severity of breast sagging varies greatly: in some women the changes are barely noticeable, while in others the breast shape changes for the worse considerably.

The glandular tissue that forms the mammary gland may increase in volume under the influence of hormones, as well as during the production of breast milk. The impact of gravity results in stretching of ligaments and skin in the mammary gland area. The elasticity of skin and ligaments depends on your genetic characteristics. Breast sagging also depends on the size and weight of the mammary glands, that is, the heavier the breast, the more it is likely to sag.

Causes of breast sagging

  • Ageing. The skin ageing process involves loss of elasticity of the skin fibers. At a younger age, the skin and the connective tissue could withstand the weight of the mammary glands and the effects of gravity, but then gradually this ability decreases, which leads to breast sagging.
  • Overweight. The volume of mammary glands increases along with the weight gain. The breast sags down under its own weight, which becomes even more visible in case of later weight loss. As a result of this, the woman who managed to overcome obesity and get back into shape might have saggy breast as a disagreeable reminder of excess weight.
  • Pregnancy. The hormonal changes during this period induce an increase in the volume of glandular tissue in the breast, thus contributing to its preparation to produce milk for the newborn.
  • Breastfeeding. During lactation, the weight and volume of mammary glands increase significantly, and the load on the breast during this period is tremendous.
  • Impaired posture. Spine curvature disorders and slouching create favorable conditions for sagging of the breast under the influence of gravity.

Breast sagging

Is it possible to get rid of breast sagging?

To date, you can find many tips for improving the shape of the breast on the Internet. Many of the proposed solutions can positively influence the condition of the breast, but will not solve the problem completely.

Supporting underwear prevents stretching and even tearing of elastic skin fibers, especially with high loads and frequent shaking during exercise. Therefore, it is necessary to pay enough attention to the selection of underwear for large breasts, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.

There are no muscles inside the mammary glands, but only soft connective tissue, the tone of which cannot be raised by training. Deeper than the glandular tissue lie the pectoral muscles, the training of which can create a slight lifting effect. Performing a set of exercises to strengthen the muscles can slightly reduce the risk of breast sagging.

The only effective way to completely eliminate breast sagging and to achieve the best possible aesthetic result is plastic surgery.

Surgery against breast sagging

There are many ways of breast lifting (or mastopexy), but they all include two main components:

  • Elevating the nipples;
  • Removing the excess stretched skin.

To minimize the size of the postoperative scar, 2 types of incisions are used: vertical (“lollypop” incision) and periareolar (around the nipple – the “donut” incision). The first type is used when no implants are required; the second type is appropriate if the woman wishes to combine the lifting with breast augmentation.

For the lifting of a mildly sagged breast, it is also possible to use a crescent-shaped incision over the areola of the nipple with excision of excess skin. This type of incision allows simultaneous placement of implants.

If the sagging of the breast is severe, longer incisions may be needed. For example, the "anchor" incision combines a vertical incision with an incision along the crease under the mammary gland thus resembling an anchor.

There are other types of incisions, for example, the innovative Z Plastic, which allows to evenly distribute the skin tension and improve the healing of the postoperative scar. In case of mild sagging, the surgeon might as well use special reinforcing threads inserted into the skin. Lifting can be combined with breast augmentation or breast reduction and removal of stretch marks. The choice of surgical techniques is case specific and depends on the severity of sagging as well as the client’s wishes as to its shape.

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