Bloodless Rhinoplasty

How can I get a nose job done within a week's time?

"I have long wanted a nose surgery but I can't afford falling out of my routines for too long. I have a lot of work to do, which makes a month long leave practically impossible. I have read that Dr. Aleksanyan's patients resume work in just a week after surgery! Is it true?!" (From a letter).

We will try to answer this and other similar questions accurately and in detail.

Dr. Aleksanyan's bloodless rhinoplasty: minimum swelling, bruising and reduced rehabilitation time

Dr. T.A. Aleksanyan has developed a unique method of nose correction surgery. It is an almost bloodless operation carried out without external incisions using a special little invasive procedure, which provides a "thinner" profile and retains the natural individual facial expressions. Due to the reduced injury of blood vessels and other tissues, the rehabilitation period can be shortened down to one week. While this operation is easier on the patient, it is more complex for the doctor. It requires high precision and surgical skills, and utilizes special methods of separation of tissues. Due to all the above, the method of Tigran A. Aleksanyan turns the most complicated plastic surgery into a procedure requiring but a few days of post-operative recovery.

The cost of surgery*

280 000 rubles. ( ≈ 2900 $)

* The cost of surgery is to be adjusted depending on its complexity

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What is the secret of bloodless plastic surgery?

During the operation, the surgeon makes minimal incisions inside the nose (on the mucosal surface). They are made so as not to damage the important vessels supplying blood to the tip of the nose. Dr. Aleksanyan has developed his own method of bloodless separation of soft tissues preventing injury of even the finest blood vessels and capillaries (this is why the operations are practically bloodless and do not result in swelling!). Another secret is the precision technique of resection of bone and cartilage tissues of the nose. It ensures maximum safety of those areas that do not need to be corrected, and allows to avoid unnecessary injuring! No wonder that such operations leave nearly no bruises or swelling, and the undamaged blood supply and lymphatic systems help rapid healing of incisions and bruises (if any). On average, the postoperative recovery period reduces by third or even by half.

Our results

Noses “made by Aleksanyan” are always thinner and more individual. By doing the surgery, the doctor not only solves the patient's aesthetic problems, but also recovers the breathing function (if necessary). Just a week after the surgery, you will have a nose you have long dreamed about.

It's your nose's turn now

The only inconvenience you may experience if you decide to have your nose job done by the best specialist in rhinoplasty is that you will have to sign up for Tigran Aleksanyan's surgery well in advance. The doctor's schedule is busy for months ahead, but it is worth it. You can check it by reading the feedback and looking at the photos of showbiz celebrities who had their rhinoplasty done by the famous master - Tigran A. Aleksanyan.

If all your questions have been answered, entrust yourself to the best specialist in rhinoplasty - Tigran Aleksanyan. You will be satisfied both with this choice and the perfect result.

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